Lago di Fiastra

Perched on the shores of Fiastra Lake, a jewel nestled among the mountains, the Verdefiastra resort was founded by two entities brought together by a common love of the Fiastra region. Join us on an incredible journey. Discover beautiful spots where nature reigns supreme. Soak up the history of our region, where monks took refuge to get closer to God. And dive into delicious, seasonal flavors... Enjoy our local cured meats, which are produced using an ancient artisanal method, and crescia, bread made according to time-honored traditions passed down over the generations. Relish classic pasta dishes, including tagliatelle with truffle sauce or alla vernaccia, jumbo ricotta-stuffed ravioli, bread gnocchi, and vincisgrassi, a luscious porcini and prosciutto lasagna.

Sample our wide array of second courses, including lamb, wild boar, mutton, pork and freshwater fish including river trout and white-clawed crayfish. Try patate alla cenere (ash-roasted potatoes), sautéed country-style vegetables, and mesticanza, our mesclum salad with wild mountain herbs, which is served every spring. And save space for our delicious seasonal deserts.
Stop by Verdefiastra and savor the homegrown fare and traditions of the Macerata region.